The application template below can be used to present a character to be used in the roleplay, when accepted the character can join the roleplay. Applications will not receive a reply if they have been accepted. If more information is required or the application has been declined details will be given. Edits may be given to make the application acceptable. Responses should be expected within a week otherwise the user may assume the character has been accepted.

If confirmation of acceptance is required please ask a member of the roleplay of a higher rank.

Please post the applications in the comments section until further notice.

Application Edit




Place of Birth: 

Current city: 

Power(Generic/Magic/Item)[Please Label Your Power as one of the three]: 

Likes (minimum of 3)

Dislikes (minimum of 3)

Favourite Colour: 

Appearance (At least 50 words): 

Personality (At least 50 words):

History (At least 200 words):