Mutants are offspring of Augmented Humans whom Genetic have been altered in a isolated environment or by a outside causes. Mutants usually follow the same reproductive process of regular Humans, but added with the possibility of gaining different abilities from their parent Augmented Humans and or physical mutations like horns, wing, etc.

Racial Name: Mutant

Status: Very Low

Dominant Gender: Unknown

Max Age: Varies usually the same as a Human.

Average Height:  Varies

Average Weight:  Varies

Skin Colors:  Varies

Eye Colors: Varies

Hair Colors: Varies

Common Hair Styles: Varies usually the same as a Human.

Accent: Varies usually the same as a Human.

Racial Colors: Varies.

Anatomy: Mutants are usually born with higher resistances than regular Humans due to their parent Augmented Humans. This does not include abilities from their parents, so because of this Mutants possibly carry the evolutionary torch of mankind.

Unfortunately many Mutant offspring aren't born exactly looking like humans or their parent Augmented Humans. Usually they are, but some known cases have shown that due to the Genetic Altercations some Mutants develop physically mutation such as horns, wing, etc. Because of this Mutants are considered freaks and abomination from the populace those forcing them into hiding.