Racial Name: Onari

Status: Returning species

Dominant Gender: Female

Max Age: 180 Years

Average Height:  Female: 175 Cm   Male: 190 Cm

Average Weight:  Female:  61 Kg    Male: 74 Kg

Skin and scale Colors:  Skin: Pale, tanned and dark.    Scales: All colors.

Eye Colors: Yellow, browns, orange and in rare cases green.

Hair Colors: Any colour

Common Hair Styles: Messy, dreadlocks.

Horn colors: Any colour

Accent: Eastern european

Racial Colours: Brown and orange


Onari are humanoids with horns, and backs covered in scales. Some onari grow wings, but this occurs almost solely in onari who are solitary or who venture to the surface often during their youth. Onari are extremely adaptable, it all depends on how the specimen lived in hatchling times or adolescence. If the specimen stayed in its cave home its entire growth, it would never grow wings, and for example have dilated eyes and be more sensitive to light, whilst seeing well in darkness. This specimen would likely also have stronger and bigger claws. Now lets say that this specimen did leave the cave as a juvenile for some reason, like lack of food, it would almost certainly grow wings, have smaller claws, and eyes that aren’t as sensitive to light.

The wings are alike those of a bat, but slightly scaly to the touch. They aren’t suitable for continuous flapping, so instead they are used like sails to glide on rising air currents. 

The horns and scales are very hard, and used for both defence and offence. The overlapping scales can be raised to be used as spikes, and this is often used whilst the onari curls up to protect its soft, skin covered belly.