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Vietnam War Edit

Wolf Hound are called to fight against the Vietnamese, they lose their powers, are captured and have to find a way home without them.

Cold War Edit

The heroes travel to Russia where they must stop a super weapon from being used.

Ghoul Edit

Mia converts vampires into ghouls to increase their numbers whilst finding and killing hunters.

Demons Edit

Demons attack Edgeville, a team is gathered to stop them. They must find artefacts to stop the power negation of one of their members.

University Edit

A group of students in a University are also superheroes, they have no knowledge that their classmates are the superheroes they meet at night.

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Many heroes of the world have been replaced with younger versions from other universes, they must learn to use their powers.

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The Galactic War Edit

Earth is a huge almost-dead war zone and most of civilisation now live on a space station.

The Ribbon Spirit Edit

An estate agent asks a group of heroes to rid a house they are trying to sell of the ribbon spirit that is haunting it.

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The Scientist Edit