In-Character RulesEdit

God characters cannot interfere with the world in a way that would permanently change it, anything changed must be returned to its original state.

The 2 character limit can be broken if the characters are created for use in a plot and are removed from the role play when the plot is over.

Only one character may take part in a plot at each time unless the character is plot specific.

If you wish to add a character to the RP you must fill in and post an application here.

There is currently a limit of 2 characters per user, with exceptions.

RuneScape RolePlay rules apply.

Death requires permission.

Out of Character, Skype and Friends Chat RulesEdit

Appalling behaviour is discouraged and will be punished by a temporary ban or permanent ban if continued.

Show respect to any and all members.

No Inappropriate Content.

Keep Arguments to PM.

No name calling

Wiki Rules Edit

No Vandalism

No Inappropriate Content

No posting on others' pages without their permission.